Toronto’s Bustling Music Scene

The dynamic scene of Toronto’s music culture is thriving. Indie bands have drawn crowds with their mesmerizing rock and/or jazz melodies. Late nights at public spaces and bars invite everyone with their bright store signs, business signs, commercial signs, banners signs, graphic design, and zany posters which are hard to miss.

So, what do you need to know about the current music scene? Here’s what you have to discover if ever you’re in Toronto.


Reopening of more spaces

Music lovers might have heard of the gradual shutdown of bars and pubs in Toronto. Indie bands are struggling for a venue to showcase their music. While the Dollar and Holy Oak have closed down, the Horseshoe Tavern and Cherry Cola were able to dodge eviction.

But even though things are looking bleak for the music scene, it seems like public spaces and more pubs will open this year. The El Mocambo and Danforth Music Hall will revamp and reopen in the latter part of 2018. See for yourself why the music scene won’t back down after a good fight.


Eclectic music genres

Pick your music. Toronto’s music scene is open to all artists and genres. You think Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes, and The Weeknd might have dominated the industry, but there’s something special about local musicians that make Toronto the city it is.

Whether your sound trip is more jazz, funk, R&B, or rock alternative, you’ll see and hear everything the city has to offer.


More indie musicians at speakeasy bars

Speakeasy bars are those hidden pubs that offer the best drinking wares. However, whiskey and cocktails aren’t the only things you’ll find there. These establishments host upcoming musicians, DJs, and standup comedians to wow the crowd.

Remember, there might be secret passwords and hidden doorways before you can lounge and listen to music. You may contact the management or talk to some friend who knows how you can get there.

Places that have shaped the music industry of Toronto
Want to know where the industry started? Which pubs or music halls have made a mark in the music scene? Here’s a quick guide.

Horseshoe Tavern

The place has become a Toronto landmark after having promoted the music industry for over 70 years. It has hosted famous musicians and films like The Bare Naked Ladies, Teenage Heads, and The Last Pogo.

Massey Hall

It began in 1894 when the Massey Family deeded it to the city. They wanted the venue to provide support to local and international artists and become a worldwide profile leader for the arts.

Lula Lounge

In partnership with the Lula Music and Arts Center, the lounge aims to promote Canadian music through festivals, education, and artist support. It’s where you get to listen to African and Latin melodies. They also have a series of salsa classes for you to appreciate Brazilian and World Music.

There are more venues that have unearthed and displayed the musical gems of Toronto and the world. Each of them has a story to tell about how Toronto got its groove for big acts and mosh pit lovers. The music scene of the city is definitely one experience you shouldn’t skip.